Our Mission

The mission of First 5 Alpine is to serve as a leader and partner to provide 0-5 children and families of Alpine County an environment which fosters physical and emotional health that enhances learning and success.

Our Vision

All of Alpine’s children deserve to thrive from birth and we strive to help create a foundation for their lifelong success.

Our Purpose

In accordance with the Proposition 10 statute as passed by the voters in 1998, First 5 Alpine has embedded the four strategic result areas within the strategic plan and utilizes resources in support of programs and activities to achieve the outcomes within the four strategic result areas.

  • Improve Systems of Care
  • Improve Child Development
  • Improve Child Health
  • Improve Family Functioning

Our Leaders

First 5 is a local chapter of First 5 California network and works closely with the First 5 Association and other counties in our region to improve the quality of child care and expand services to meet the needs of all children.

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