Early Learning

Research shows that a wide range of factors including family, school, and community all associate with school performance over time. First 5 Alpine directs funds to support school readiness programs and ensure high-quality trained teachers are available to Alpine County children

Healthy Child Development

Learning begins at birth! By providing consistent interaction with children, we increase their ability to feel secure, pay attention, regulate emotion and learn. It all starts with the simple practice:

"Talk, Read, Sing" everyday!

Community Collaboration

First 5 knows it "takes a village to raise a child." We work in tandem with local agencies to elevate the quality of child care, improve access to services and medical care, and improve systems so that families can engage their children in safe, learning-rich environments

Preparing our children for school and lifelong success

In order for our children to succeed, we need to address their social, emotional, physical, and developmental needs. Neuroscience shows us that brain and social/emotional development unfold rapidly in the early stages of life. The relationships we build with children are crucial to their development and over well-being.

First 5 Alpine takes the lead in guiding parents and community partners to foster healthy and consistent relationships with children so they can feel secure and confident to be engaged, express themselves, and develop skills for academic and future success.


First 5 California

First 5 Alpine is a partner in the statewide leadership by First 5 California. Visit their site for further information, activities, and support services.